15th Ballast Water Management Summit, Singapore 13-14 July 2016

ACI Ballast WMS
ACI’s 15th Ballast Water Management Summit, Singapore 13th – 14th July 2016

Lautindo | International | Event | With the IMO Ballast Water Convention close to the critical 35% of world tonnage, it is largely expected that the convention will be triggered and enter into force in 2016. Once enforced, ship owners will be required to implement BWT Systems on vessels. It is estimated that over $45 billion will be spent in the 5 years following enforcement. The cost, installation and operation of BWT Systems is of serious concern to the industry.

ACI’s 15th Ballast Water Management Summit will provide essential, expert guidance to shipowner/operators on how to prepare for and manage the BWT Systems in terms of selection, installation and technical operations, as well as advice on compliance, PSC and regulation once the convention is in place.  The conference will also address Type Approval and system excellences for the BWT System Manufaturers.

Key Topics:

  • Most recent updates on regulatory requirements for the BWT Systems on board’s presence with a thorough analysis & explanation for shipowners
  • USCG Type Approval status and compliance
  • US EPA VGP review and news on Court Ruling
  • An easy, step by step guide to compliance & testing of BWT Systems.
  • Technology solutions / BWT Systems
  • Ship owner’s case studies – examples of shipping companies who have successfully managed the BWT Systems financing & purchase, implementation, testing, crew training & operations, maintenance & replacement processes within the required standards
  • How to effectively manage the installation process / Shipyard’s readiness & selection
  • Investment advice in financing the BWT Systems
  • BWM system operability, maintenance, training and lifecycle issues BWT Systems maintenance solutions & lifecycle extension

Who will attend:

ACI’s meetings are strictly end-user focussed. The programme is co-ordinated with the Ballast Water Experts and Ship Owners in mind.

Delegates will include Senior Level Decision makers drawn from the Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Ballast Water Management System Manufacturers, Classification Societies, Ballast Water Regulators, Port State Control Authorities, Testing Facilities and others.

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