Cargo-iD, Indonesia’s New Logistics Platform

| LAUTINDO | Logistics | Jakarta | Cargo-iD aims to assist medium to huge volume goods tp deliver. For far too long, major courier and freight companies have discouraged trade with these types of customers because of the niched level of demand on their services. Due to Cargo-iD’s high volume freight movements, we receive major discounts with our preferred transport carriers; which is how we provide a competitive price for you. “Cargo-iD, Indonesia’s New Logistics Platform”.

With over 10+ years experiences working in the logistics industry, Cargo-iD team can provide reliable and competitive solutions for your transport need. If you require a ‘door to door’ delivery service, interstate and within Indonesia, we will assist with competitive quotes and prompt customer service.

General customers have no expected volumes to meet each week or month, no minimum fees, no accounting fees, ever! Which means no headaches! Use us whenever you have a need.  If you are a regular transport user, please contact us via the “Contact us” link in this homepage as we can provide special pricing for your ongoing requirements.

Cargo ID utilises professional and proven transport carriers specialising in deliveries to move your goods throughout Indonesia. Cartons, parcels and packaged goods are tracked using the latest transport technology, through to destination in the majority of areas in Indonesia. This in turn improves the security of your goods.

Courier & Freight services within and to Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Ambon, Papua, all over Indonesia are welcome to join.

Cargo-iD is Simple Ontime Secure Delivery platform.

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