Lautindo mengucapkan Selamat Hari Pers Nasional

HPN Lautindo

| LAUTINDO | Mengucapkan | Selamat HPN | Lautindo mengucapkan Selamat Hari Pers Nasional, semoga pers nasional semakin jaya mengulas, mengkritisi, dan memberitakan kejayaan Indonesia, semoga pers nasional semakin disegani pers dunia.



LAUTINDO Up to date and dedicated maritime businesses [MEDIA] [EVENT] [TRADE] with verified sources and reliable informative content of media events trades features. The readership & partnership come from Local and International maritime stakeholders | Shipping Related Industries | Maritime Infrastructures & Construction | Maritime Energy & Mining | Maritime Fisheries | Maritime Technology | Maritime Trades | Maritime Tours & Travel | Maritime Event |  Specificly they are Business Owners, Professional, Experties, also from Governments [Ministries & Bodies], Institution and Association : INSA, IPERINDO, PIKKI / ISCIA, ALFI / ILFA| |


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