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Maritime Security Coastal
| LAUTINDO | Event | Jakarta | Indonesia is the world’s second largest producer of marine products and contributes to around 6% of the global aquaculture production. The country aims to harness and expand its blue economy initiative, which is a model of sustainable development that emphasizes the utilization of the coastal and marine ecosystem and is part of Joko Widodo’s Global Maritime Fulcrum vision. “Maritime Security & Coastal Surveillance Indonesia”.
Please find, explore and develop Maritime Security & Coastal Surveillance Indonesia, at Jakarta as details below:
Maritime Security & Coastal Surveillance Indonesia, 24 – 25 April 2018, Ayana Midplaza Jakarta Indonesia
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Safeguarding Indonesian Maritime Sovereignty Through a 360° Active Defence Strategy
Among the Indonesian maritime organisations represented at the conference are the Ministry of Defence Indonesia, Indonesian Navy, Indonesian Air Force, Bakamla, Kesatuan Penjagaan Laut dan Pantai Indonesia (KPLP), Indonesian Marine Police, Badan SAR Nasional (BASARNAS) and the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.
Key Topics for 2018
* Building an Effective Tri-Service Armed Forces to Ensure Indonesia’s Maritime Security Sovereignty
* Developing Next-Gen MCMVs – Practical Requirements for the Indonesian Navy
* Developing an Effective National Hydrophones Network
* Building a Strong Private Defence Sector to be a Key Pillar of Indonesia’s State Defence System
* Securing Indonesian Ports Against Non-Traditional Maritime Threats
* Meeting Indonesia’s Maritime Patrol Aircraft requirements
* Safeguarding Indonesian Waters Against Illegal Activities and Maritime Terrorism
Participating Indonesia Maritime Agencies
* Ministry of Defence
* Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries
* Indonesia Armed Forces
* Indonesia Navy
* Indonesia Air Force
* Bakamla
* Kesatuan Penjagaan Laut dan Pantai Indonesia
* Indonesian Marine Police
* Badan SAR Nasional
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