WASHPOD High Impact Parts Washing

WASHPOD - Auto high impact patrs washing machine
WASHPOD – Auto high impact patrs washing machine

| Lautindo | International | Ads | Mesin Cuci Mandiri Efektef Efisien Otomatis Ramah Lingkungan. Washpod merupakan mesin cuci yang mampu menekan biaya operasional pencucian, bahkan bisa menjadi sumber pendapatan alternatif yang kreatif [disewakan – jasa pencucian]

Materi yang dicuci:
– Mesin atau blok mesin
– Komponen, misal bearing
– Parts, misal karburator maupun radiator
– Tools, peralatan kerja yang sering terkena oli dsb
– Lainnya dalam bentuk metal, rubber, yang masih dapat dimasukkan, sesuai kapasitas volume Washpod.

Materi yang dicuci, akan menjadi bersih dan bebas dari kotoran, lumpur (misal bekas banjir) hingga karat dan atau terkena oli.

Materi akan bersih, tanpa menggagu spesifikasi, spek material sesuai sebelum dicuci, misal, rubber tidak menjadi mulur.

The design of the WASHPOD™ range of HIGH IMPACT automatic parts washer is the culmination of over twenty years of research and development, laboratory testing, field testing and successful customer delivery of products and services.

The unique technical features and benefits of WASHPOD™ can completely eliminate the use of the potentially dangerous manually operated solvent sinks.

Washpod – Auto high impact parts washing now is very helpfull and powerfull to assit and more success at the maritime industries.
BENEFITS over other parts washing systems:
Washpod is cleanest

 Reduced Cleaning Time – it provides a reduced cleaning time compared to both manual parts washers and other automatic parts washing systems. This in turn results in reduced energy consumption and power costs;

Superior Cleaning Performance – it offers superior cleaning performance compared to both manual parts washers and other automatic parts washing and parts cleaning systems. The most important design feature in the WASHPOD™ range leading to enhanced cleaning performance is the Reciprocating Moving Manifold;
Reduced Power Costs – it uses less energy than competitive automatic, aqueous parts washers products because the required wash temperature is lower;
Lower Cost Detergent – it can use a non-emulsifying detergent, which allows the free oil to be skimmed off during the washing process. This significantly extends the wash water life, and permits the water to be post processed on-site through the use of a wash-water cleaning cell. This feature reduces the service call requirement and water processing costs – often permitting spent water to be directly discharged into the municipal waste water treatment scheme. In addition, the transportation of wastewater is being increasingly subject to government regulation, and is becoming a significant cost component in the running of a rental parts washing business;
Ease of Maintenance – the entire product has been designed specifically for reduced maintenance time and cost;
Improved Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) – the reduced operating temperature is safer for operators. Similarly, a milder detergent is used which is less likely to result in dermatological problems for the operator; and
More Environmentally Friendly – the ‘quick-break’ non-emulsifying detergents used in WASHPOD™ are bio-degradable, unlike the solvents and detergents used in many other parts washer systems. A built-in Wash-water Treatment Cell means that the effluent water from the unit is pure enough to be released into municipal waste water systems (subject to local regulations).
Washpod is Benefit
Washpod is Benefit
Factors combined to produce a significant reduction in operating costs
Operating a parts washing fleet on a ‘Rental Fleet’ business model requires a machine that is durable, reliable, and most importantly, convenient and fast to service. One major point of difference with WASHPOD™ is that it has been specifically designed for fast servicing using service exchange components. This is not a feature of the vast majority of parts cleaning systems, in that they often require the replenishment of expensive consumables, and require expensive treatment of either solvent or waste water. To this end, the WASHPOD™ range of automatic parts washers offer significant improvement over the current product offering, particularly as related to the automotive service industry.
 water jet manifoldConventional parts washer cleaning nozzles use a ‘fan pattern’ when spraying onto the component being cleaned. Since both the component being cleaned and the jets remain stationary, the fan shape to the jet is required to ensure that the entire surface area of the part receives water impact for cleaning. However, ‘fanning’ the water flow over a larger area results in reduced impact energy of the water jet, and therefore, a reduced cleaning efficiency. The WASHPOD™ system uses a moving manifold to ensure that the entire surface area of the part being cleaned receives water impact. This means the water jet can be made straight (i.e. zero angle nozzle), which results in a significant increase in the impact energy of the cleaning jet. This can be achieved without any increase in water pump pressure over a conventional aqueous parts cleaner.
The increased cleaning efficiency with the WASHPOD™ system, means that cleaning times can be reduced – resulting in a reduction in energy consumption.

 OTHER FEATURES & BENEFITSman cleaning using washpod

WASHPOD™ features a number of other innovative elements designed to provide benefit to the operator, service technician, and equipment owner (refer Brochure and Technical Paper) Reciprocating manifold parts washer (cleaning mechanism) The patent applications for the reciprocating manifold parts washer seek to provide protection for a parts cleaner having a reciprocating manifold. The manifold comprises parallel horizontal arms spaced apart by a vertical arm. The horizontal arms spray cleaning liquid onto the parts from above and below while the vertical arm sprays cleaning liquid from the side. A basket holding the parts to be cleaned is rotated between the horizontal arms of the manifold. A common drive rotates the basket and provides reciprocating motion for the manifold.
(cleaning mechanism)
The patent application for the tilting manifold parts washer seeks to provide protection for a parts washer comprising a cabinet, a rotatable platform or basket on which articles to be cleaned are supported, and a manifold which includes a liquid distributor that directs cleaning liquid in a generally radial inward direction with respect to the axis of rotation of the basket. The distributor is able to move with both a tilting motion toward and away from the basket as well as a reciprocating rotational motion about its longitudinal axis. This parts washer also includes parallel spaced apart horizontal manifold arms similar to the reciprocating manifold parts washer.
(waste wash water purging system)
The patent application for the parts washer with oil separator seeks to provide protection for a parts washer with an integrated oil separator in which the separator and a storage tank of the parts washer can be purged and cleaned in a single operation.
(oil and water & detergent separation)water treatment cell
The patent application for the wash water treatment cell seeks to provide protection for a wash water treatment cell which could be either a stand-alone product or used with a parts washer. The wash water treatment cell is aimed to minimize the difficulty and costs involved in handling used cleaning liquid and to extend the service life of cleaning liquid in a parts cleaning machine.
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