Findout Here, What Asia-Pacific Naval Strength Looks Like

Maritime Security Coastal| LAUTINDO | Event | Jakarta | As we draw closer to The Maritime Security and Coastal Surveillance Summit, it seems like now is a good time to set ourselves up for what lies ahead, beyond our day-to-day duties. For this reason please pause for a moment and take a look at the our Best Reads of 2018. “Findout Here, What Asia-Pacific Naval Strength Looks Like”.

Have you ever wondered what Asia-Pacific naval strength looks like?
In this infographic, we share with you exclusive key takeaways from the Maritime Security and Coastal Surveillance Week Asia 2017. Read more.

What type of MCMV will you choose?
As the Indonesian Navy looks at replacing the Pulau Rengat-class MCMVs, we explore the pros and cons of adopting a modular or dedicated style. While both have their own appeal, our article examines which format works for what the circumstances dictate. It also unveils a new style of operation that has only recently come onto the market. Read more.

Discover the latest in radar and optronics technology
In a world where challenges present themselves from small water craft being used as weapons to pirates holding ships for ransom, surveillance of the sea is of the upmost importance. In the maritime security space, data fusion between several kinds of sensors can provide a full picture to identify, eliminate and deter threats. Read more.

Warship – Global market outlook for 2018
In this exclusive free report, more than 500 respondents shared their priorities in terms of procurement and their challenges and what they believe the key trends will be in the upcoming years, from both the military and the industry. Their views are supported by an insight into the current global naval market. Read more.

Get the latest updates on Indonesia’s plans to modernise its defence forces and find out the latest procurement strategy for the various government agencies at The 2nd Maritime Security and Coastal Surveillance Indonesia, taking place on 24-25 April, at AYANA Midplaza, Jakarta.